Loch Lomond on Fort William First Nation


Scanner is a story about Kat and Jacob - a pair of siblings who live on a reserve with their Gramma, who is always listening to her police scanner. It’s an exploration of the thoughts and feelings of Indigenous youth in contemporary “canada”; the ongoing violence from colonialism on our most marginalized and finding the path to healing. Kat and Jacob can both hear the spirits of the trees speaking to them in their backyard, but can they listen and find their truths?


Developed as part of The Foundry, a new creator’s unit, Factory Theatre 2015-2016

  • Dramaturgical support by Nina Lee Aquino

Continued development as part of Deep Development unit, Factory Theatre 2016-2018

Playwright in Residence at Factory Theatre 2018/2019

  • Dramaturgical support by Matt McGeachy

Currently In development as part of the Bedrock Creator’s Initiative, Factory Theatre 2020-2023

  • Dramaturgical support by Mel Hague

Staged reading as a part of Sparks Fly, Factory Theatre March 2018

Staged reading at Springworks Festival, Stratford Oct 2017

Workshopped as part of The Other Side Project with second year theatre students at Humber College under guidance of Marie Beath Badian and Matt McGeachy, Nov 2016

Excerpt reading at ACTRA Diversity Working the Scene in Colour July 2016

Excerpt reading as a part of Sparks Fly, Factory Theatre June 2016

Yolanda Bonnell ©2023