Ojibwe Mide Scroll Western Great Lakes, mid 19th century from The Schoyen Collection

The Eighth Fire

The Eighth Fire traces the migration of the Anishinaabeg people from the eastern doorway to the shores of “Lake Superior” over hundreds of years. It follows the 7 fires prophecy that prompted the migration; the lives of the ancestors that began it and the future generations who will complete it.


Selected from commission pitches for Nightwood Theatre

Workshop and invited read supported by Nightwood Theatre and Native Earth Performing Arts, 2022

Developed at Banff Playwright’s Lab, Banff Centre for the Arts 2022

  • Dramaturgical support by Lindsay Lachance and Jill Carter

Funding Support: Ontario Arts Council, Nightwood donor Kate Amesbury

Yolanda Bonnell ©2022