My Projects

Here are all the major projects that I am currently working on and an archive of my previous work. I've included links to where you can buy tickets and learn more about my upcoming work. You can also click on the title of the work to learn more about it, including its development history.

Upcoming Productions

Illustration of a black crow with a snarling wolf's face backlit by a grey pixellated full moon. Overtop of the image is the text "Yolanda Bonnell's My Sister's Rage".

My Sister's Rage

Produced by Tarragon Theatre, with Studio 180 and TO Live

November 16 - December 12, 2022

My Sister's Rage is a story about the nuances of holding grief and joy at the same time and how laughter is medicine.

In Development

Spruce trees in a spruce bog on Fort William First Nation during the Fall


In development with Factory Theatre as part of the Bedrock Creator’s Initiative 2020-2023

Scanner is a story about Kat and Jacob - a pair of siblings who live on a reserve with their Gramma, who is always listening to her police scanner.

The Bannon family - an Ojibwe family of the Anishinaabeg Nation with Chief Andrew Bannon stands in front of a wigwam, Fort William First Nation. Circa 1940's or 50's

The Eighth Fire Part 1: The Great Migration and Part 2: Bagosenim / Have Hope

In development with Nightwood Theatre as a seed commission

The Eighth Fire traces the migration of the Anishinaabek people from the eastern doorway to the shores of “Lake Superior” over hundreds of years, while also following a group of land/water defenders in the future.

Past Projects


Published by Scirocco Drama

bug is a solo show that reveals the hard truths that many Indigenous women face as they carve out a space to survive in contemporary Canada, while holding on to so much hope.

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White Girls in Moccasins

Published by Scirocco Drama

Gi-bgizoomgad epiichi biinjii’yii debwewin-nim

~ you swim in your truth ~

White Girls in Moccasins follows Miskozi as she goes on a search for herself and her culture, accompanied by her inner white girl, Waabishkizi, and guided by Ziibi, a manifestation of an ancestral river.


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